Silent Hill: The Short Message

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Konami sure is bringing the series back in a big way, with multiple new games, an upcoming movie and an interactive series online, while also making me sceptical.

Basing anything outwith Silent Hill such as setting it in Germany or 1960's Japan does strike me as odd, because if something doesn't occur in the town of Silent Hill itself, why use the name?
Yeah. I agree with you there.

It's like with Capcom and Resident Evil becoming rather daft. Capcom took it in a very cockamamie direction with the likes of RE7, then 8. I mean, people frequently bash RE6. However, at least you can tell that's a RE game. It has zombies and a story based around a global outbreak of a virus made by bad people. So it definitely still yields that RE-something.

But yeah, sure. It has a ridiculous amount of action like 4 and 5 does too. But if you think about it logically, were those games even remotely close to resembling RE at all? Nah. Not especially. At least in my own personal opinion.

7 and 8 have backwoods hicks, cyborgs and vampires. Oh, and one very plump vendor can sell you stuff. Like, seriously. It's just a pretty dumb game. There's no zombies, and the connection to the lore feels forced and just nonsensical to boot. :(

And with Ethan Winters, you don't really get to see the man's face. Even after a patch was released to play it in third person, if you try to move the camera, he looks away. I mean, meh. His daughter is just a Heather Mason clone as well, being hunted by nurses. I mean, mannequins. :p
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