Headphones : I need some recommendations, please.

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Milford, Connecticut
This is the third time this month that the people who live upstairs from me have complained to me about their walls & floor vibrating. I've got the Logitech Z-5500 Speaker system and I play most of my games at night after I get home from work. I think that i've got the volume on a very low level so it won't disturb people, but, I guess it is. Damn Neighbors.

So, i wanna get a really good set of headphones so I can play my games at night with great sound quality. I like my neighbors and I don't want to piss them off anymore.

I would like to get one of those 5.1 headphones.
Anyone have anything or can suggest something.

Price range - under $100.00


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good for you to get a headset for your neighbor, try to think it in their place and u know u did the right thing

for good and under 100 headset, try this one:

Sennheiser PC150 Noise Cancelling Headset

heard many good comment from number of posts here.


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003 posting that same link three times doesn't make your opinion count any more than anyone else's. It is just spam.

And those headphones are hella overpriced anyway. The zalman's are a much better deal. The turtle beach tosses in all this crap like detachable microphone and splitter cables and in-line controls and jack up the price. They don't even use titanium speaker units like the zalman's. And every experience I've had with in-line controls has been them failing on me in like 3 months or less. The zalman's are much more robust and better than turtle beach which is just overpriced crap.
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