Router Recommendations? Home Network Help?


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Hey Everyone,

I have been out of the router game for a long time. And started playing a few games, but they allll lag. My son has an xbox one that is upstairs, my computer is 2 rooms away about 25 ft. And our router is in cabinet in the central room of our house (laundry room).

For my computer I bought this Extender and that sits about 10 feet from my computer so like 20 ft from the actual router, in a different room. And to plug into my computer I bought USB Wifi Adapter And I still can barely get 10 mb with speed test. And my son obviously has whats built into his xbox one.

Our router is old, a Linksys E1550, so is the router my bottleneck here I am guessing? Or is it potentiality something else? I mean we also have 2 cell phones and 2 tablets typically on wifi as well.

Thanks for any advice. I am continuing my research as well in the mean time, but I have used these forums many times in the past and they re great!

We are sick of lag! lol