Headphone issue

Given she lives two states away and isn't real computer savvy far as installing an OS and such it would be near impossible to go the Windows 10 route safely.

With Voicemeeter Banana, I can specifically control where the mic signal goes and where the game audio goes so that might fix it.

I did notice that last night the echo wasn't near as bad.

I googled the model of her mic and there's some things to try that I haven't done yet.
Well in my mind the problem is with Windows 11 which does not surprise me in any way whatsoever. So unless you can rewrite the code for win 11 or change it for something known to work then I think you are going to struggle. Good luck with it anyway.
It could be a Windows 11 issue, but if so it's only affecting her PC.

I use a different wireless headset with my Windows 11 PC and I do not have that problem.

I did read online where if the mic is too close to the headphones or the mouth that issue can happen so maybe she does not have the mic fully extended and positioned properly.
There can be a hardware-related issue due to which the headphone is not responding. Here are some quick fixes:

1. Update Audio Drivers
2. Try sound troubleshooter to fix the problem
3. Set your headphones as the default device.
Her kid broke their headphones which are the same model so she got a new identical pair and gave hers to her kid.

She no longer has the bad echo and is barely audible like it used to be.
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