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My friend plays Fortnite.

She uses a Razer Nari Ultimate headset.

Anyways when she is on Fortnite in a party and anyone talks, we hear an echo of the one talking.

I remoted into her PC and nothing I do has worked to fix it.

It's as though the voice chat going to the headphones is being fed back to Fortnite somehow and I'm not seeing any way for it to be happening.

I can turn voice chat volume down in her Fortnite and it stops.

I can turn the main volume under sound settings down and it stops.

Everything in Fortnite is set right and the headphones are set right. Also everything in Razer Synapse is right as best I can tell.
It happens because the audio in her headset is being fed back to her microphone. You have found the cure by turning down the volume. Perhaps a more expensive microphone with feedback suppression might help although feedback suppression usually deals with feeback whistle rather than audio. I am assuming that her headset is a combined unit, i.e the microphone is attached to the headset. Maybe a desk mike might help as it would be further away from the earpiece. The headset mike would have to be disconnected though.
Pretty sure that isn't the issue as it never happened on her windows 10 gaming laptop.

Plus I do not hear her game audio.

Only the voices of those in her party.

Also she can take off her headphones while one in her party is talking and the echo doesn't change at all and stays the same volume.

It's as though somehow only the voice audio from fortnite is being sent back to fortnite a little.
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Okay but you did say that turning the volume down stops the feedback. But if it isn't her setup somehow then it must be the fault of Fortnite. Perhaps a downgrade (an upgrade in my opinion I've had loads of problems with Win 11 although not game related) to Win 10 again will sort it.
Initially her mic didn't work in fortnite but given she bought the PC from best buy she called geek squad and they fixed it. Not sure what if anything they did could cause the issue.

I do know the headphones have a knob that allows the audio to be varied between chat and game sounds. Maybe something is fouled up there?

Maybe an update with the razer synapse program (controlls the headphone settings) has caused the issue perhaps?

I see nothing out of the ordinary with the audio settings though.

One thing I can try though is to use voicemeeter banana (windows audio mixer replacement) and see if that eliminates the issue.

I'd then know more about where the issue could be
In the whimsical dance of audio, her headset and microphone engaged in a playful duet, but alas, a mischievous feedback imp decided to join the party. The mischievous imp caused a whirlwind of audio echoes, creating a cacophony of unwanted sounds. Yet fear not, for a wiser sage suggested a remedy - a magical volume adjustment that hushed the imp's mischief and brought harmony back to the melody. Now, the quest for even greater audio enchantment continues, with whispers of a majestic microphone adorned on a royal desk, where distance from the earpiece shall charm away the imp's antics, and the headset microphone may find respite in sweet disconnect.
Here's what I've determined.

Either Razer Synapse, Windows or Fortnite is somehow allowing her game audio to mix with her mic audio when it's not supposed to be doing that.
What on earth is all that waffle from Flowace? Anyway out of those three the easiest is to UPGRADE to win 10 as I suggested ealier. If everything works okay in win 10 then you know it's an issue with win 11.
Going to Windows 10 isn't easy I don't think as the PC came with Windows 11 on it.

Think I'll try Voicemeeter Banana as it replaces the Windows Audio mixer and allows one to control where audio is sent.
Well whilst I am an ex computer tech and, to an extent, know what I am doing I swap between Win 10 and Win 11 all the time just in case Win 11 got good. (it hasn't yet) Anyway as I say you can get a free Win 10 iso from here, https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 and that will make a bootable win 10 USB drive. Don't worry too much about licensing although I haven't had any problems swopping back and fore. Your friend will lose everything that came with her computer (it's mostly spam anyway) including her fortnite program but that is downloadable and, hopefully, she has been backing up all her important stuff including her fortnite games data. As I say not particularly easy if you don't know what you are doing and or accessing her computer remotely because, obviously, any remote software will go along with the Win 11 install. It does seem to me though that you are now at the point where experimentation is the key and remote accessing is not really the way to go.
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