Google Adsense- highest paying keywords?


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I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Google Adsense. I have an account too, I make about only $250 every month. This is low considering I know people who have a ring of adsense websites, pointless websites- often existing websites purchased from previous owners- these people get a cheque of $5000+ monthly from google! I could use that kind of a regular income now that I'm selling of my webhosting business.

Here's my plan- purchase about 20 existing websites with considerably good traffic & make a sort of Google Adsense empire. So that I guarantee myself a cheque from google at the end of the month. Now some of you maybe aware that some keyword clicks pay more than the others. Google ads displayed on your site about the keyword-"mesothelioma" pay almost $3 per click! While ads about hosting and insurance pay hardly 10 cents a click. Credit card merchant account advertisements pay high too, about 75 cents a click on an average. I'd like this thread to be a discussion about the HIGH paying google adwords keyword. Medicinal keywords to have a high ppc(pay per click) rate, also credit card merchant accounts..What else?


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I wouldn't mind finding out about some of these keywords, as for I myself, is starting a website empire soon... :p It's good to play god with websites :D