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i received a warning in a pop up box at the top of several web pages saying there has been a data breech and something about passwords being at risk. I'm like most people, with northwards of 100 websites that have accumulated, some of which i have not visited in years. 4-5 years ago, i moved from yahoo to chrome, its been long enough that i got a notification a few months back, from yahoo that my email had not been used in several years, and they considered it abandoned, and closed it. which was fine with me. the only reason i am bringing that up is because about 15-20 of the compromised passwords were from yahoo. chrome is also considering the websites that have the same password as compromised also. so i have a lot of passwords to change. from what i am reading, i would be better off with a stand alone password manager, over letting google handling it (i am also considering moving to firefox, as a friend says they are more secure). i made a new account today at a diy website i am interested in, and i got the same pop up box saying that password is compromised. so whatever is going on is still active either in my computer, or in my google account. it makes no sense to me to change a basket full of websites passwords, if i am just giving out my new ones. so i need some guidance please on how to navigate this mess.

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It's just Google being over zealous cross referencing your saved passwords to 'have I been pwned' type websites. Every time I save a password it says I have 61 passwords that are compromised, only because my email was part of a big breach that used that particular password. Considering it's the password for sites I don't care about, I ignore it. You probably could too, not a big deal.

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Firefox has a built in password manager and I've been trying that out but if I should lose my Firefox I would never know the Luckily I can sink my Firefox settings (and password manager) to another device just in case something goes south.
Not sure how you feel about using FF but I use it.
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