Creating a private forum which might lead to small evolutions.


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Hey guys,
I have been thinking about creating this website which can be seen as a forum but it's a little bit different. I am not an otaku in this, so I don't know if something like that already exists (probably I am just blind, and stupid, sorry in advance). So, the idea of this "different forum" is in making people who want to join it to take a long test which would indicate their identity or which type they are. And they would join a private chat with those who had similar results (one chat per type of person). Eventually, it would become a web of different worlds with people who think or live in the same way. But the important thing is that all the people who join the community would have an opportunity to speak with others in the main public chat, through one account that belongs to each "world". And the public chat's purpose would be to first, connect different minds in one place, and second, to create many collaborative movements or projects, that would be beneficial for all. We are not talking about raves or any destructive actions. It would be more to help society improve and every individual to progress. Of course, there will be some inconsistencies, but it's only an idea now. Each "world" would offer their ideas and build up plans, that would be discussed amongst everybody.
It probably sounds stupid or crazy, I don't know. But I need some feedback since everyone in my surroundings is so far away from areas like that. So, do you think it's even possible to accomplish? Any adjustments or other ideas?


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Not sure what subjects you want the forum on but no matter the subject there will always be those who think they know it ALL better than anyone else and give bad advice or just plane wrong answers, That is where forums are great as if the bad advice will cause damage someone who knows more may correct the advice and discuss the reasons why and perhaps have ever a different way to fix said issue that wasn't even thought to be a option so I don't think many will join when advice will be from only one for these reasons.


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One would hope. I am on a lot of car boards that regurgitate bad advice, same guys, ad naseum, and the noobs who are OP asking just see high post count on them and think oh they know not realizing the post count was gleaming from trolling and they registered 6 months ago.

Sad to say I took the bait once in a thread, over 100 pages when I joined, that started as a quest for part numbers for something and devolved into a groundhogs day like debate on whether dealership antifreeze is in any way different or superior to other brands.

Can't believe people post that much about that dumb of an idea but over 100 pages in one year, every loadmouth chiming in even/especially me.

I went to the local dealer website and clicked on the fluid for sale in their parts department, made by honeywell corporation and rebranded for the manufacturer with dealer logo on the bottle.

Penziol and most of the other ones, owned by parent companies like Chevron and Mobil, are all made by honeywell too.

Never seen any definitive proof that the dealership brand isn't made and bottled on the assembly line right next to the other "different" brands.