Good XP Antivirus.

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Need your folks comments on a good antivirus that will be in the clear to run under XP, because of the new file access permissions and such. Any constructive suggestions are good.
I use Nortons System Works 2003 and it runs very smooth and does a great job of catching harmful things that may infect my system.
Really anything other then Norton.

Sure Norton does a great job at removing it. But there are some where it stops Norton from working. What other choices? The best are the free online scans.
I actually use norton 2002, (still have years of free updates), or panda. Panda is free and it can run from your browser while you are online....

Hey, just tried AVG per reading this thread.

Brief Story that happened today. Mcafee had run out yesterday since I had the 30 day trial. I was downloading, then installing gta3.exe off of kazaa and I immediately thougtht, 'hey' i really ought to check for bad stuff...and looked in task manager and saw the infamous system32.exe running. Argh! I installed AVG. and it immediately found it on reboot. Fixed it. Found 83 freaking infected files!!!! Wow, I didn't know those little bastards worked that fast. Luckily I caught in time and none were essential system was getting ready to spew random replications named things like update.exe...gamecrack.exe etc.

Anway thats my infomercial plug for AVG. I'm glad I read this thread when I did.

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