Extended Desktop Software


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Ok. Here is the situation.

I run a gaming business. We hold tournaments for Halo 3, SSBB, Tekken 6, etc...
With Halo 3 we want to project all the players on our "main stage" on the wall so that the audience can see what is going on with every player all the time.

Now at the moment we are splitting the video of 2 Xbox 360s through VGA. One going to the players monitor and the other projecting on the wall.

We want to be able to get all four players on both teams projected onto the wall using 2 projectors. So in simpler terms. 4 Video inputs to 1 Projector.

Heres an example. Check out the Projection screens on the left and right.

Could anyone help me in finding out what kind of software I would need to do this? I know we are going to need 2 separate computers with at least 5 VGA inputs. But we are at a loss for what kind of software we need for this.