errrrr...Windows XP and gaming

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WinXP PRO. Read my sig to see my setup.
40.41 drivers on the GeF4 (I've tried 29.42 and 30.82)
Updated VIA 4 in 1 4.42
DirectX 8.1 (b installed) working correctly

It seems that no matter what game I play - Madden2002 (the worst offender), SOFII demo, and Serious Sam, the stupid thing crashes to the desktop or restarts after playing for anywhere from 2 min to 30 min. The heat issue is not a factor (45C with a heavy load) and 3DMarks2001SE works fine. No blue screen no notice, nothing.

I have moved my FSB to 133 (standard) and nothing changes. Am I an idiot or does XP have problems with games?
I use XP Pro and play SoFII all the time. You don't need the 4 in 1 drivers and you do need to check the Event Log under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel...the answers are most likely there...

Let us know what you find...
Check ur AGP card temperature after sometime of play. If it too hot then the game might crash.

Also check ur overall system temperature.

Next check ur Hard disk temperature.

Also make sure no unnecessary programs are running in the background while playing game.

If u r using any digital gaming devices then check their driver compatibility with Win XP.

Finally if u think that heat is not an issue. Think again the temperature goes down drastically when u stop playing games because the Fan on the AGP is quite efficient. But during game play it has to dessipate it at contant rate. Also it depends on the temperature of the Harddisk & Processor. To increase heat desspiation efficiency make sure u have a Tower cabinet with atleast three 5 1/2" bays with cables inside tha cabinet tied properly.
seeing as he has tried the other drivers, I'm more inclined to agree with geforce. I'd also be interested to know what is in the event log.
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