ECS does not stand behind WARRANTY!

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I bought a K7S5A as new from a retailer back in September of 2005. Called up ECS and they said they will NOT warranty the board because it's a discontinued board. Unfortunately for me, the company I bought it from has gone out of business.

So, what am I supposed to do? I called ECS, but they don't want to stand behind their products.

Anyone else have this kind of issue? I hope not!

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last i checked though september 2006 came after june 2006 though, its less than a year. unless the manufacturer warrants it from manufacture/distribution rather than sale date. i'm pretty sure in the US as with Australia, on all electronics and major store purchases there is an "implied" 12 month warranty by the retailer unless they state explicitly otherwise, suppose that really isn't an option though :(


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No Warranty

I suspect that the reason there's no RTB provided to you isn't the fact that the hardware is discontinued. I would suspect the company you purchased the motherboard from had purchased it and either had it in stock for quite some time or had purchased it as overstock/ discontinued part from a larger broker/ supplier. As a result, the board probably didn't have a years manufacturers warranty at the time you purchased it. Knowing how the industry works, that's my take on it anyway.



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