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Hi i came across this 1991 rage in USA europe internet community named as BITCOIN. I even read many articles webpages and videos as well. Now indian computer generation of 1998 are taking cue of this 3g and 4g world of telecommunications ( of 1991 usa). Now we nor need to dial with our index fingers or we had to take the handset with wire as well and ask for toll coins change if anyone have any?
So Bitcoin was generated and litecoin as well. And i searched on the internet and i read about successful mining bitcoins as well. And i downloaded three or four wallet bitcoin mining softwares hardware CPU mining as well as GPU and it accelerated my machine fan speed instead. So something inside was happening but the bitcoin earned seems to be stuck at the same number behind four zeros after decimal. So in 1999 i used to read that puffdaddy went to grocery to buy a ferrari with 400 bitcoins and ended up paying only 240 and ran away not paying. Later defamed. So but do we have to take something out from the software or have to deposit our own?
And secondly i installed litecoin core 32 bit software (of probably 1997) on my pc and sought many hours till the blocks were synched. and but had problems with unlocking the litecoin wallet as it is already encrypted???
Is anyone having knowledge about unlocking it?

Offtopic- nowdays many indians are off to buying rage of laptops like apple and gold necklaces and jewellery diamonds for their wives and commulative wealth. So are these companies mad or what....when one day this wealth economy boost that indians in asian region are getting....then one day even in the remotest corners villages and urban people across indian states which who were counted as illeterates and below poverty line across punjab, assam, bengal, mp, these people now have access to asus laptops of high ends expensive...what a joke or what? And now indian people businesses using carelessly laptops which they find cheap and throw them ciggarette butts....and changing windows operating system and windows office upgrades like why there is this use of making cell phones high end and making them as objects of possession of wealth? they all seem same and usage too is same. 3g to 4g then 5g and vendors servicemen would say your phone three year old seems outdated i don't have expertise....!!! And Call centers and public offices upgrading their OS and win office had never even used them they are saying win 8.1 and win 7 and office 2012 2015....
So whats the use of this boom?

I just went to a mall in mumbai central east and three floors of it was full of mobile pieces peripherals covers etc ....too much for a mall. So this generation seems really....taking to somewhere buying all types of mobiles....and their servicemen are so expert engineers that i am so amazed that minute connections and different models they still know everything.....!!!

WTF revenue generation for these sim connections are taking a toll on the people or no? Now the indian prepaid sim mobile services like vodaphone, idea, airtel ....while others have wiped out....these are doing turnovers of billions rupees at the end of each month ....but still they are now charging its users to either go postpaid high expensive plans or charge the sim to increase one month compulsory validity or else ur sim will go permanently off after 15 days extended time...thats not is this kind of fleecing money from the public .....

And i finally learnt this past couple of weeks to flash my mobile devices sony ericsson miro and micromax 106a ....quiet fun...seems these models are of 1991....which indians companies techies rebranded them and sold it theirs....!!! Mobile high ends are now 1 lakh indian rupees and in 2009 i saw they were 6k and 15k, now whats the software i am paying for or the inner components body is expensive or the screw sets??? 33 k , 46k, 65 k, 85k thousand rupees....

So is this mad race for getting at something really sane? or this country india is blindly taking common public to somewhere and why children of lesser age 11 should now all hold mobiles and they too now know intelligence ....i am stunned.
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If you a total bitcoin noob or total tech noob, maybe stay away for a while. If you are willing to learn , read information form different resources to get the opinions and thoughts of the other side. Bitcoin seems to be future.
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