Video game forums are dying...

That Kiwi (or Aussie) nutter I told you about before, STILL spams up a dead relationships forum I was posting at years ago, known as And if you go to it right now, you'll see it has been reduced to a crud thanks to his antics. Yet this guy must be at least 30 years old, which makes his abuse illegal. The other members have apparently left, as he flooded the entire forum with (my real name - is) type threads, and there's no moderators there to boot him off. The dude is also quoting stuff I mentioned here, there, and elsewhere. :rolleyes:

Like, this is some Norman Bates material right here. Like this dude has no life whatsoever, so he can be online 24/7 being a douchebag and has to do that to people all day long. He also keeps saying that I'm lying about quitting forums at the end of this year, but I'm not making it up at all.

Typically, what he does is, he uses certain accounts to sign in and research the site, but the other ones he registers get used to spam. Fortunately, dudes like him are beneath me anyway. I'm an actor in films, but he's just some blogger that runs a crappy gaming site that nobody even looks at. He even tried to contact a guy I know that directed a film, and he was quick to inform me about it. Wonderful payback, Jimbo! :D

I actually know the guy from a billion lightyears ago, as well. I used to go to some forum called Capcom Central around 2004 or something, and he was the idiotic shitbag in charge. He also used to pop up on some other forums like The Horror Is Alive, and one run by a Dutch woman that rang my parents' house once, but I'm good friends with her now. Now... I hadn't even spoke to this guy or about him in Y-E-E-E-E-A-R-S... until he started spamming 2 years ago.

He joined a Resident Evil forum called Biohaze, and posted a picture of himself, and a dog. He also downloads child porn and everything. Once he started using accounts with the name James to ride the coattails of some YouTubers I've since resolved my beef with, I remembered some guy called James Mitchell that used to bother me under the name of Nemesis556 - merely because of the fact he is called James. His last name though, is really Berich.

So I came across this guy's Twitter, and low and behold, it's the same guy with the same mutt... and he's trying to promote that crappy blog. Also saw some stupid Facebook stuff from him about him going to France to promote it. Ha-ha. But I hope a pack of T-Virus infected French Poodles rip him apart, as he tries to ascend the Eiffel Tower.

But still; I think stalkers like this fairy are delusional characters. I wouldn't be surprised if when he types on his PC, a fly keeps buzzing around him and lands on his head. Then he embraces it with a big grin on his face. Ha-ha. :rofl:
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