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I have a friend with an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ and he got his multiplier to be at 10. Why does my processor only go to 9 for the multiplier? Is it because it is socket 939? Also, is there some way I can flash the BIOS and get it to let me put it at 10?
If his is socket 754, that is why...no a BIOS flash won't do it....as I've said to people a lot....BIOS flashes don't magically unlock things that weren't already there....the multi is determined by the CPU not the motherboard or BIOS.
You can get a modded bios that in some cases can unlock the multiplier.
Nothing like stating the obvious, but I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet... but the knowledge shall prove useful in the future. Thanks. :)
The only time CPUs were able to be unlocked through the BIOS were mostly in the rare cases of having a non super locked CPU such as the 2400+XP assuming you had one made before week39 of 2004.......then there were a few isntances where the BIOS could infact unlock it, but he's not going to find it for a socket 939 CPU because they are all "super locked" through the CPU.....it would require a hardware mod on the CPU itself, I'm pretty positive of that.........XS is down right now so I can't see what that link you posted has in it.
Yeah i know, friggen XS having to be remodeled! Who the hell dot hey think they are, taking that away from us! I'm kinda excited to see what it's going to look like though...

BigToe over at XS, the one who does the majority of BIOS modding, has alot for a 939 chip. But i think you're right, because I remember reading an article that told of how to unlock the multiplier (down anyway) on the 64's and it involved taking off the IHS and bridging two transistors. I really wouldnt want to attempt that, at this time anyway...
Yeah, I was considering removing the IHS, but I decided against it.....not worth it for a couple extra degrees that probably won't help the OC more but will certainly cancel out a warrenty.

TicTac is the main 'guru' of modded BIOSes that I know of, mainly because he made a crapload for the NF7-S v2 board which I currently own.

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No board for it though lol....gotta either sell my 6800GT AGP or wait until DFI releases their nf3 socket 939 AGP board
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