can I clone samsung ssd to hithicie HDD


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Can I clone a SSD to a HDD

I’d like to use Samsung magician migration software to clone from a Samsung SSD to a hithicie HDD.

this is just for extra backup.

Thanks for advice
You can certainly clone an SSD to a HDD and vice versa, I do it all the time for various reasons. I tend to use Aomei Backupper though which works for me.
Yes, you can, there are no obstacles. But I can't say whether the software you choose is the best for doing it. I myself have always used AOMEI software.
I have been pondering for a couple of days now wondering what a hithicie HDD was or is just in case it wouldn't be compatible. Anyway finally decided to google it and it would seem that it is an HITACHI hard drive. Anyway again there should be any problems but I have had general problems with Hitachi hard drives in the past.
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