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So I got this job as a data inputter at a university and most of the time I have nothin to do except sit and surf the net all day.
What I want is to play games on the net open files etc other than html.
The problem is the system administrator has seriously locked down the system and everything I try is greeted with a restrictions message.

So anyone got any ideas how to get round this?

I'm not into hackin and all that and don't wanna jeopardise the uni's security so no crazy ideas.

Runnin IE 5.5 on Windows NT 4.0

I don't know if they're runnin a system monitor or key log, I suppose I'll find out in due cause.
Technically, they could have locked down everything in NT. At my job though, we just arent allowed to make registry changes. So I just install programs and games that dont make them, and I still get crap loads done.

But if they have set the permissions to where you can only open certain executables, then your screwed until you get the admin password.
Yep most exe's are restricted so sounds like I'm stuffed. Anyone know where to play any completely independant games - html.
I'm gettin some positive results form some of those sites, so should keep me entertained for a while :)

Wish I could install that damn microsoft virtual machine!

I'm at one of the Manchester Uni's Anubis

restriction sucks like crap, and a computer which you can control all parts of is what you can call a PERSONAL COMPUTER.
Im afraid you cant do jack if your not an administrator and you HAVE been restricted, like at our school network:the only things you can do are: open programs THEY have, go on the internet, print and save files, they restrict every bloody thing that isn't considered work
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