Any Advices for New Software Development Company?


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Hello from me too 😄

Background story, I am 26 years old and I have establish a software development company in Greece. Basically we build:

- Mobile Applications
- Web Development
- Business Specific Software
- Software Modernization
- Internet-of-Things Applications
- Augmented & Virtual Reality

in general anything that has code 😇

As you understand, it's actually more Busines to Business services, as we provide services and not a product. So I realized that in general it's quite difficult when you don't have connections, to enter the market and be trusted as the competition is huge.

Does anyone have any tips to offer on how to actually get clients?

Disclaimer: we have a website, we have done SEO, we have case studies from previous wokrs, we have LinkedIn, Instagram, we have Google maps, we have joined platforms like upwork and similar others. We will of course also do Google ads, linked ads, etc. In general, I think we have done the basic things 😅

I'd love to hear experiences from other people with similar experiences!
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