Another dime-a-dozen thread - but i'll ask anyway.


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Well, im starting to feel like my equipment is starting to out-expand what i use it for, and for a while i've liked the idea of learning some basic programming stuff. Problem is, almost everything i can find on VisualBasic, Python and stuff is just confusing and makes my head spin on it's axis slightly.

So, help a noobish hardware guy/gamer out - where might i be able to a good guide on how to get into programming? i dont mind spending a few quid if it's a book or two, or perhaps an online guide of some kind.

Thanks a million.


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Can you explain what it is you find confusing about the material that you've looked at? Visual Basic is awkward, and Python I've had my own problems with (mainly that all of the tutorials seem focused around the interactive prompt - ugh!), so I can understand there. But is it the syntax and language features you're struggling with, or the concepts of programming on the whole?


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if your not familiar with programming at all, alice2.0 at is great for learning the basics of how it all works and really easy to understand,