An impersonator / troll...

If you encounter any issues with specific users on websites or forums, it's essential to follow the guidelines and procedures set by those platforms for reporting and dealing with inappropriate behavior or harassment. Most websites have reporting mechanisms or community guidelines to address such situations.

For the Techist forum, you can try reporting the user's behavior to the forum administrators or moderators so they can review the situation and take appropriate action based on their site rules and policies.

Similarly, on the Anxiety Forum, you should use their reporting mechanisms or contact the forum administrators to report any harassment or inappropriate behavior you experience there.

Remember to provide specific examples and evidence of the problematic behavior to help the moderators or administrators better understand the situation.

If you encounter harassment or inappropriate behavior online, it's essential to prioritize your safety and well-being. Consider adjusting your privacy settings, blocking or ignoring the individual(s) involved, and seeking support from the community administrators or moderators to address the issue.

Always follow the guidelines and protocols established by the websites you use, and if you feel threatened or unsafe, consider reporting the behavior to the appropriate authorities or seeking assistance from trusted individuals in your life.
I decided as of today, I am not going to post on forums any longer. Most of the users on them are sad. I kept finding nobody was really all that engaged with my threads, opinions, or whatever. It all just feels pointless.

I will talk about Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show when they come around. But that's gonna be about it moving forward.

My stalker will of course never change...
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