Android Group Messaging: The Best Recommendations


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Group messaging on Android devices is not quite as straightforward as with Apple devices, especially if the users are a mix of both. Android and Apple use different messaging servers, which is why texts between Android phones or an Android and an iPhone are “text messages,” while texts between only iPhones are “iMessages.” My recommendation to make it easier for everyone would download a messaging app. The best apps out there for group messaging are Google’s “Messages” and “GroupMe.” For both of these apps, it does not matter what device you use because it treats all messages from the internet, SMS, and MMS the same.

One of the best non-Facebook options out there is Telegram. It's free, available for most devices, has SMS integration, and some of the best encryption in the business.

Out of many social media messaging apps my other best recommendation for group chat would be WeChat or WhatsApp. If everyone in the chat is in the same country, WeChat is fine. Many people prefer the interface and it has better security options. But if your group chat includes people in other countries, WhatsApp is the best option by far. Many families spread around internationally rely on WhatsApp to be
able to communicate.

Group messages that only contain Android phones are pretty straightforward. However, there is a pretty good chance that at least one member of the group has another kind of phone, and that will make group messaging slightly more complicated, so I would recommend using a third-party app - especially for large groups.

The MMS protocol is required for full-way group messaging on Android. To change your default messaging app's group message settings to MMS, navigate to Settings, Advanced then Group Messaging, and make sure the group MMS option is toggled. When you try to send an SMS message to numerous recipients, this will affect global action. The MMS protocol will now be used for group texting.

Additional configuration requirements, such as turning on Auto-download MMS, need to be completed. Setting this to ON will disable the annoying notification that appears every time a group member responds. You can now start and enjoy group chatting on Android once everything is set and done. You may also do it through your ordinary SMS app today.

My another app of choice is BBM. It is simple, has all the features of any other kind of chat (like emojis and custom avatars), and you can easily add people to it. I like using this app for my larger group chats because it helps me feel more organized and it's easier for everyone.

You can't get more basic than Messages if you want Google's standard SMS messaging software. This is the SMS texting app that Google recommends for Android. Don't be deceived by the simple design. Messages is a simple software that offers all of the SMS texting functionality you'll ever need, including group messaging.


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Addition recommendation:
Effortless Team Messaging App Built for Groups & Teams. It will help you to remote teams come together virtually. Deliver a prompt chain of communication between remote employees and help them stay productive. As per my opinion, "NuovoTeam" is the best suit. It Sends and receives instant text messages. Forward and edit messages, delete sent messages and mark important messages with message flags.
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