An impersonator / troll...

Well, I was seriously considering that, giving how I'm 37 and the name I go by is actually to do with a young girl in a survival horror game that was released in the 90s. So still having that alias at my age could seem a little odd. That's something else he stupidly slags me off over, even though he has also known me as "Grace Saunders" since 2004.

Yeah. Grace Saunders from the Alone in the Dark series.

Basically, I attempted to just change my user names to something else, hoping it would kind of 'drown out' his posts on Google. It ended up being a waste of time, after he claimed the top spot. You can flag links to get Google to hopefully remove them from their search engine, but they generally don't just remove any links. When you file a report, they just tediously state that they aren't the hosting provider of this offensive material.

He has been on this anxiety forum since 2021, listing the new names and talking about all these problems I had with people I met, posting in a foul, sarcastic and vicious manner, and quoting posts I made, just trying to sound powerful. He uses other accounts to spam my address or just stupid images and comments, then insists they're not his sock puppets. But I don't believe him. I'm of course, never going to get him to admit that.

I won't reveal his full name, but his first name is James, and he writes for an Australian gaming site. He has been active in the past on forums I go on, where I had gotten into a spat with the members in 2006. But things calmed down, and they allowed me to return. Nobody else cares about the pointless drama from two decades ago anyway, besides himself. Adults should behave like adults, after all.

I know this guy's method order, because he started doing this nonsense back in 2017. He posted a couple of pictures on a forum about himself and a dog, but the forum has since relocated, so the post is gone. I had no idea who he was at the time.

Later, I got a New Zealand IP address from one of his dumb trolling attempts at Wikipedia (seeing as how they block proxy servers, you are often forced to make do with your own IP address).

He basically went there because I was telling people about how the actor Sylvester Stallone had uncredited parts in certain movies during his early career, which IMDb would not reveal to the public after I provided proof. Since he knows I was irritated by it, he thought he would just toy around with my contributions by reverting me.

So I eventually found his Twitter page, because while I couldn't recall anyone in New Zealand bothering me online, I remembered him from my earlier days on forums as being from Perth in Australia. So I know he definitely had a Capcom website, and I got to be familiar with the circle of members.

I also coincidentally found a post he made on a forum earlier in 2017, which he posted to ask about a film I am in, because he found out it has an IMDb page. I just found it from looking up the URL, and found it suspicious that a random person would be asking about a short film.

Unfortunately, he knows I do extra work in films, so I firmly believe he was contacting the producers on Facebook, saying that I'm some sort of creep who harasses women and pirates people's films, hoping my scene will be expunged. I did do that a few times, admittedly. In some cases, you're provided a copy for donating on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Either way, it's none of this guy's business as to who I work with, just to get bit parts.

The name he was using is actually very similar to his Twitter handle, just spelled out a bit differently. Plus, the guy used to have a picture of the same dog on his Twitter profile, and has videos of himself being dumb in his own stairwell.

He also once posted a video of himself walking outside a building, after getting off an elevator. He always appears to be hiding his identity with masks and he wears gloves, because his hands could have identifiable markings. I don't know. I just assume that's the case.

I reckon this place is his apartment in the Greater Perth region of Western Australia. The YouTube channel he uses used to have a lot of videos, specifically mocking me. He has since deleted the video of himself outside the apartment complex walking at night, but I do believe that could be his address. He also knows my address in the UK, and provided this to numerous people already.

He previously attacked me at, because the admin just no longer gave a toss about running it. He no longer had moderators either, but those ex mods had still been posting alongside myself. Then he came and started being annoying.

Well, this guy made countless profiles just to spam all over the forum, so it would be flooded. This only ended after registration was turned off and all the profiles he made were suspended by the admin, which means it's just an archive now. So this is what he's also essentially doing on this anxiety forum, and he was also editing all the same articles I was on Fandom wikis, so he could be tagged to each one. Editing the pages is the only way to be subscribed, so he was just purposefully doing minor edits to appear helpful, then terminating his membership.

I would have to give up all of my accounts just to avoid dealing with his harassment. Although I find a lot of forums today are not active much, and he's not the only abuser that floats around on the Internet.

My mum had several strokes this past year, and receives dialysis every week. He mocks her condition as well. Anybody who says nasty things about anybody's mum is a real piece of garbage.
OK. But I was just pointing out what he was doing on this forum.

I understand other people don't like to get involved with stupid disputes. If you want to call it that...
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