Abit NF-7 board installing troubles

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Hi, everyone.
Does anyone have a clue or experienced these problems? If so, please give a hand to an almost new guy in hardware assembling...

I have installed a new system usinf the NF-7 board. It works fine, but the mouse I used (a Logitech optical) jumps from place to place on the screen and I can;t control it. Can it be the board's fault?

My second problem is the FDD installing: the Fdd unit LED is always on and I can't access the floppy disk. What could be wrong?

I mention that both the mouse and the FDD unit work fine on the computer at work.
On the Mouse issue,, check your latency settings, in control panel,,

for the LED on the FDD ,, check that the ribbon cable is not on backwards,, ensure pin one is lined up with the red line on the ribbon,,

sounds like tweaking issues, not hardware,,

if that doesnt work this may sound obvious but if u use shiny mouse pads with an optical mouse the cursor goes crazy :D
OK, thank you all!

So far I can say that the mouse was malfunctioning because of the sun light :cool: . And the fdd cable did not match the fdd. I had to cut the connector and now it runs fine.

Thank you all for help.
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