Mouse/Keyboard not working during windows 7 Pro Installation

I can only guess that a cheap card is just that....a cheap card. I have no idea if it would be any better than a $50. card. Google the cards model and check reviews for that card. Been a long time since I used a pci/e ethernet card
f this board has USB 3.X ports then you'll need to get drivers because Windows 7 does not natively support USB 3.X. Some manufactures provide a legacy option in the bios to enable usb 2.0...Some do not. You can not install drivers that are "packaged" from a manufacture during the Windows 7 install...
I was willing to install windows 7 , so I downloaded the windows 7 Professional-64bit ISO and burned it to my USB drive (16GB) and everything worked perfectly.

Then I booted on my USB drive and once the windows files loaded and the install windows appeared, my mouse and keyboard weren't working and now I'm stuck with this problem.

I have already tried integrating USB 3.0 drivers into windows 7 USB Media, but doesn't seem to work... idk if I did something wrong but I'm desperate and don't know what to do.
What kind of motherboard are you installing 7 on?
Solution 1: Unplug the keyboard and the mouse then plug it back
To fix the issue, you can try to unplug and replug the keyboard and the mouse, then Windows will reinstall the driver automatically, and the keyboard and mouse will reconnect.

Solution 2: Disconnect the power cable for a while
First, shut down your computer. Then disconnect the power cable (If you are using a laptop computer, you can also remove the battery.). Then hold the power button down for about 10 seconds. After that, restart your computer and see if the issue resolves. This method has worked for other users who run into this problem like you.

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