A+ Certs?

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Might not be worth anything where you are, but there is still a demand for people with A+/S+/N+ and I+ certifications.

CCNA is overrated.
Here is the run down, CCNA is overrated but everyone has an A+ out of highschool anymore. Here is the run down i have... A+, N+, MCSE NT4, SQL 7.0, CCNA.. IMO, MCSE's run out too quickly, EG .net stuff is already out. CompTIA is highschool stuff now, Cisco is still so overrated not many people get one thinking they cannot pass the test. When a simple fact is, if you know the terms(DHCP, dnS, TCP/IP and other basic netwroking terms and theroies of operation) you can pass.. Sad to say, but my.02 holds saying CCNA and a MCP will go further in the IT market. maybe a database admin class in college class will help. I graduated college (before MIS was a degree) with a Database annalis & design. Stoneage of the internet, i know but with going on 8 years of IT i know a little bit about certs.
For A+, I found that Microsoft Press has the best book. Some people will recomend Micheal Meyers but IMo he has no idea what he is doing.
CCNA is still over rated, and since the A+ and Network+ tests went adaptive, there harder then when you "old schoolers" took them 8-10 years ago. All you had to do was memorize the answers. Why do you think that all the tests are getting harder? There are too many people out there that just "memorized" some answers and passed a test.

But of course, this is just my opinion.

This being the case.....

What do you suggest that I person who seeks to get into cetifications do and how marketable will that person be at the end of getting such certification?

Please include the underated stuff if you think it would be a good step.
It depends on what you want to get into. Just getting the standard certs is worthless now, since everyone has them.

Specialized certs like MCSA (which is just networking and much easier to get) will serve you better.
So in a nutshell you are saying that primier certifications are the way to go.....Eg... MCSA, MCSE, etc....

What then about the CISCO certifications???
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