1st time building a pc.

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well i want to biuld my own pc, :) i dont have a clue on how to do it , the only thing i ever did to a pc was install cpu and video cards. now i have found alot of sites that are do it yourselfers, and i think i can pull it off. but i had some one tell me ,"dont even try it if your not technecly inclined" , of course they wanted to build it for me also. so u computer gods out there , give me your opinion. please, can it be done by someone that knows nothing about it? i think the hardest part for me will be installing the software and drivers. and piecing together the right parts. i really want to learn how to do this and i think i can, i think i can. :D
ok thanx anubis, i would be building if for gaming only. and i am willing to spend what ever to get the best parts, but is it true that u can get the best parts cheaper , depending on where u shop? and again i think my greatest problem will be making sure all the parts are compatable with each other and the installation of the drivers and software. :)
thanx Anubis, :) i sure will , i will have to take my time for money reasons but its gonna happen and im very excited about starting , and believe me when i start you will hear me and my questions on this site :) :D . i appreciate your advise . :)
I think that u can pull it off... I just started building pcs about a year ago... I'm only 15, and no one said I could. But I did... I think the most important things are:

- Take Ur time
- Never force anything in
- Read the manuel
- and if u are not sure where something goes, don't try to put it in until u know where it goes.

Thats about it, I hope that ive helped u some... I really try to encourage people to build pc, because I think its the funnest thing in the world to build and mod pcs...But I can't do it much because no one will hire me for a job because I'm only 15. So I don't get to have much money. Well, that's my problems... I just had to say them, because I'm really tired of people not building computers because they aren't too smart, or too young, or old, or anything else. Well, as long as you have a manuel and take ur time, you'll be fine.. :D
thanx for your advise Disciple :) im defenently gonna do it as soon as the funds are available. and yes Anubis , i think that is a great idea , a pc biulding forum. :)
Also, try to avoid any MSI motherboard....nothing but problems. And try to stay away fromt he SiS 648 chipset if your going to go with 8x AGP. It is not running like it should be and there have been many complaints (I have run it on an MSI board and returned it within 3 days)

I recommend either VIA chipset (although not fully aproved by Intel) or Intel chipsets. I would also suggest either ASUS or SOYO for the board manufacturer. I have always run ASUS in the past and never any problems. I am now running a SOYO with a VIA chipset (P4X400), and not a problem to report.

Personally, if its a P4 system youre building, id go with something based on the 845(e, pe, etc) chipset, if you are building right now, or if you are waiting a few months, go with a sis655 based board. Its the dual DDR, supports pc3200 ram, (maybe higher, who knows), but i wouldnt go with the granite bay boards. They just seem to be intels way to hold people over until the canterwood boards. But just my opinion.
The ASUS P4PE (P4) is a great board to bring up, mainly with support for DDR333 and support for processors with Hyperthreading. But if you can afford it, the E7205 are the one's to go for, if you need all the extras, including DualDDR and AGP 8x (e.g. ASUS P4G8X and Gigabyte 8INXP)
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