XP Issue with Dell Laptop


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I had hoped that I wouldn't need to post the usual 'newbie' type message but i've given up trying to work out the problem with my laptop.

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with XP (incl service pack 2), due to an AOL download, the system appears to be corrupt. None of my files (.exe, shortcuts, .docs etc) links to any programs. All icons are the standard 'program not found' picture.

I do not have the original XP cd supplied with the PC but I do have another legal version of XP which I would like to install on the laptop. I have tried running the disc and, when I click on the setup.exe file, it opens the setup window but it will not let me click on the 'install XP' option.

Do I need to remove the corrupted version of XP first? If so, how do I do it? Or how do I get setup to allow me to run it to the next step? Or, even better, does anyone know what the AOL download might have done to my pc to cause the error to occur in the first place?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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What type of AOL download? Are the shortcuts not working on desktop
only or are they in strat menu also? Are the program executables still there and working? If the executables are still operational then it sounds like your user profile just might be messed up.

Also if you have backed up your files, dont want to hasel with it, and just want a fresh install.

Insert XP cd
restart computer
press any key when prompted
it will load setup (may take a few mins.)
Hit enter to install XP
Delete exsisting partitions
Create new to desired size.
format it using NTFS
Step through the rest of the installation.