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on my xp there were 2 users with myself as the administrator, back on april 12th an error occured and in the process of trying to fix it some how now the administrator rights belong to no one on my pc. when i click on user accounts in the control panel (and even in safe mode ) it says windows cannot open users accounts control panel. when i go to computer management theres a red X on users and local groups and it says cannot access computer and gives my computer id number. when i right click on it and click help it says the error is a invalid syntax. at the time it happened i tried to use system restore and it said system cannot be restored to this point. i tried clicking alt-ctr-del at the welcome screen and went in as the administrator but the users accounts still would not open. there are a few other minor program failures also. is there any way to get into the user accounts without going thru the control panel or correct a syntax error (whatever that is ). thanks
Im not sure how relevant this is to what your asking but you could try:

start > Run > then type: "control userpasswords2" (with out qutoation marks)

This will open up the old windows2000 user and password dialog you should be able to do something from there.

Let me know how you get on :)
i did what you said and it did allow me to access the useraccounts. i saw where it still has me as the administrator. i also created a new account as an administrator. nothing changed though. when i go to windows update and try to update it says you must be a administrator to update. under computer management it still says cannot access this computer, error is an invalid syntax. for whatever reason something is blocking the administrator from having administrator rights. any more ideas are appreciated. thanks
Is this XP home?

This is not the first time I've seen account management problems posted to this forum, and the culprit is typically WinXP Home.
its a home pc. i'm not on a network. i also do not have access to help and support and search for files and folders along with things such as calculator and paint. it also took out the norton virus scanner that was on norton 2003 utilities. i uninstalled it twice and reinstalled and nothing changed. everything else in norton works except for the scanner. when i click on it the box appears but it is see thru. nothing there. all these things went out at the same time.

I recently encountered this problem and haven't found a solution since then! Is there currently any known workaround? What can cause this problem?

Thanks a lot
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