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I just bought a new computer with Windows XP Home Edition and am experiencing some problems with regards to file access. I created 2 administrator accounts but what is happening is that one is not able to access files and or directories created by the other. I read that if you are an administrator you should be able to do it. Has anybody had this kind of problem? What do I need to do? I dragged and dropped the folder into the shared documents folder and it didn't work either.
The problem is that all Administrative accounts are not created equally.

When XP installs, it creates THE administrator account. This is the one that can see anything, do all, and has no one to answer to.

If you create another account with Administrative's pseudo important. It can read all files and make all changes EXCEPT for changes in the THE Administrator account.
Thanks for the reply.
How do I recognize THE administrator account. I am afraid I deleted it. What do you suggest me to do? SHould I restore my machine to the day I bought it?
hey mrdinkel just 2 let you know i think u got ripped on your computer, what are all the specs? {maybe u didnt} lol
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