Windows XP hangs after installation

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I bought an Intel motherboard P4 850MV, 256 MB RAM, HDD 30 GB, I installed Windows XP and during the installation everything's going well, but when I turned it off and turned it on again the windows Xp hangs in the start screen. It stays frozen and sometime appear the blue screen. I can only use windows xp in safe mode.

Any help would be appreciated

I have 4 module 64 MB RIMM PC800. I already installed service pack 1, but it's still hangs in the logo start screen. Also I have been seeking at Intel and Windows XP web sites, but so far I haven't found out what's wrong.
That's the problem, the blue screen showed up once and it said "memory overflow" I don't remenber well. I'm very frustrated because I upgrade to Windows Xp from Windows 2000 and it was working fine.
Have you tried to contact Microsoft Support? What do they say?
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