win xp help


Daemon Poster
I have win xp pro and I have two Accounts setup on it.

One Account is an ADMIN Account and the other is a Limited Accont.

I have a 56 k MODEM Installed in my computer this is what I use to send FAXs and make Phone Calls with and it works.

On my Limited account I have Windows Sound Theme as the Default windows theme.

On my ADMIN account I went into Controle Pannel and sounds and put my sounds to everything.

So anything that says Call Reciaved or incoming calls or phone ring I put my sound that I want to have.

Everything works I can here every new sound I set for diferant things but wen my house Phone rings I here no sound from my computer.

But under the Limited account were I left it as Windows Default sounds the computer rings wen my house phone rings????????????????

Why can't this be set??