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I'm building a computer really soon, as I've stated numerous times before:D . Anyways, I have in my possession an upgrade copy of XP home. Should I install this version on the new comp with my 98 SE disk, or should I just go out and buy a full install version. These things are expensive...
Install this XP home upgrade and give it the 98 disk when it asks for it. You wont get anything extra by getting a full version.
Other than the hassle of not having to install 98 first... lol... is that worth 199.99 to ya?
Unless your a big gammer best microscrew OS is W2K pro.. XJ home if you are a gammer and need the "end user" goodies...
Yeah, definitely get XP, then maybe dual boot Linux ;)
(have XP has main OS though)
Guy said:
Other than the hassle of not having to install 98 first

actually Guy i think what Ecniv meant was that the upgrade version can do everything the full version can.

you can use the upgrade to do a full install, but it first asks you to put in a valid windows OS cd like a full version of win98 to verify you can use the upgrade.

older windows OS's have been able to do that also not just winXP.
Everytime I've done a Windows Upgrade to a new version I got burned. I recommend a clean install (format HD) and go with the full version. Just my 2 cents worth. If it doesn't work out you can always come back here for support free. There's alot of sharp people in here. Good Luck:D
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