What Graphics Card to get for my Dell?


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Hey Guys,

I just bought a Dell computer with plans to upgrade it for some semi-casual gaming. I was going to use my brother's old graphics card, but we ran into some problems. it was way too big (it was full size), and the power source didn't have hookups. it looks like the power source in the PC doesn't have anywhere to plug in a card, so the power would have to come exclusively from the motherboard?

I found a video online explaining some of these problems, and have landed on thinking about a GTX 1050 ti graphics card, but I'm nervous it's not going to fit, or will fry my computer or something.

I've attached all my computer specs and stickers -- from what I can tell, a half-size graphics card that takes power from only the motherboard should work? I also have attached a table I found online that maybe helps? it shows that a GTX 1050 should be find just taking power from the motherboard. if you guys have any additional recommendations, like different graphics cards that would work but would be better, I'm totally open! I just want to get the best performance out of my PC without having to build a whole new one. Thanks!


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Some 1050ti come with low profile brackets and don't need more than a 4pin connector that's I heard of some 2060s that had the same hook up but that's ur best
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