What is the best Application for Android Phones to clean Junk file and Cache memory


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I am looking for the best application that can remove unnecessary files, and junk files, clear cache memory, detect virus and remove it. That application rather be paid or free it doesn't matter. Can anybody else help me?


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Hi Richard, The best apps for your andriod are as follows.
1. Files by Google
2. Driod Optimiser
3. CCleaner
4. All in One Toolbox
5. SD Maid
6. Norton Clean

I personally use Smart cleaner from the Google Play App store. I notice the difference in speed when I use this cleaner. The Smart cleaner is capable of improving your device performance by automatically optimising storage depending on how frequently apps are used. The catche memory for apps is checked once per day and if it hasn't been used in over two weeks it is removed from internal storage ROM.

Even though Andriod devices are smart enough that regular maintenance isn't necessary, it is still a good idea to perform a tune-up every once in awhile. The trick is finding phone cleaner apps that acually live up to their promise. At best bad cleaner apps waste storage space rather than clearing storage space making your phone even slower than it was previously. A bad cleaner app may also infect your phoe with various maleware and spam with ads. Not all cleaner apps are useless though. Below are detailed decscriptions of the best cleaner apps mention above.

1. Files By Google - Easy to use anyone can use it and no technical experience required. Fire up the app and switch to clean to access thses options. You will find several areas where apps waste space. These apps that waste space include junk files, duplicates, backed up photos and unused apps. Select what is taking up the most space and confirm and Files by Google will take care of the rest.

2. Driod Optimiser - Driod Optimiser is one of the best apps out there with over a million downloads in the Google play app store. As a newbie you will be introduced to Driod Optimiser that walk you through permissions and features. It offfers a ranking system that will motivate you to keep your device ito shape. If you dont mind your own device shaming you into better habbits than this is the app for you.

3. CCleaner - Though Windows has gone down hill regarding this tool, this app is a multifunctional app that does it's best to free up stray files that take up allot of space. This app is capable of wiping the catche data from other apps, purge empty folders and delete various histories. There is a option to remove apps you no longer use and you can select multile apps for removal as desired. This is a quick way to free up space.

4. All in One Toolbox - All in one toolbox allows you to free up memory space, WiFi Analysis, File Manager, App manager, CPU cooler and even battery optimiser. Selecting boost will do it all for you. The all in one toolbox will speed up all componants that will improve your internet connection speed with the WiFi booster, Clean files for faster access to apps and even disable apps that are not necisssary to run and are draining your battery with battery booster.

5. SD Maid - SD maid keeps your experience simple with several tools on one interface that provides several options to clean up your device for optimal performance.

6. Norton Clean - Aside from CCleaner (Owned by Advast) none of these apps come from top tier security firms "The search for the best cleaning app for Android thus can't conclude without mentioning Norton Clean, offered by the famous Norton Antivirus." Retrieved from Make Use Of, (11/2022). Norton claims to fremove clutter from your andriod device much like other entries it will search for and wipe your catche, remove junk files and quickly remove unused apps that you installed. The manage apps will provide a list of apps allowing you to sort them by last use instilation date or how much storage they use.
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