What is the best way to customise individual Windows 10 PCs fast?


In Runtime
I have some unique customisation which I perform for every Windows 10 installation. For example, I remove Store, Mail & Cortana from the taskbar, and select “Show search icon”. I also go to:
Settings > System, and enable night light.
Settings > Devices, and disable Bluetooth.
Settings > Apps, and uninstall the old Quick assist and change some default programs
Settings > Privacy > Location > Allow apps to access your location, and toggle it on.
Settings > Personalisation > Colours, and select “Title bars and window borders”
Settings > Personalisation > Select which icons appear on the taskbar, and toggle it on.

Also I change some settings in the Control Panel. But for the Control Panel, I almost found out all the registry values that I need and exported them.

However, for the Settings and taskbar, I couldn’t not find the best way to do them.

Can someone guide me?
If you want to make your PC Fast you have to follow these steps to make your PC fast
1. Stop using all extensions
2. Go to the search bar and Search for Services then search for Windows update and stop Auto update the software.
3. Go to the Search bar then type %Temp% and open the folder and Delete all unwanted files.
4. Final step now Restart your PC.
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