What is a bootloader?


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Basically a piece of code needed for the OS to come up properly.Here is a good definition.

"A boot loader, also called a boot manager, is a small program that places the operating system (OS) of a computer into memory. When a computer is powered-up or restarted, the basic input/output system (BIOS) performs some initial tests, and then transfers control to the Master Boot Record (MBR) where the boot loader resides. Most new computers are shipped with boot loaders for some version of Microsoft Windows or the Mac OS. If a computer is to be used with Linux, a special boot loader must be installed. "

now why do u ask? cuz I see u also posted "What is a Kernal...?"


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I was just trying to learn how an operating system is setup, but it seems very complicated right now..

Could you explain what does what? or is there just waaaaaaaaaaay to much to tell?

is there any free online things i could go to?


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I'M not too good at explaining, but found this. Hope its easy to understand.

The MBR is the Master Boot Record. It is a (typically) little partition of your harddrive
that holds a boot loader. The MBR is the partition your computer boots into when it starts up.

A boot loader is an application that passes control from the MBR to an operating system located on another partition.

So, in short, your computer boots like so:

1. Boot
2. Master Boot Record partition loads the boot loader
3. User selects an OS (or boot loader times out and default OS is selected
4. OS loads

Would this help maybe?