what 512mb vid card

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i just bought a new computer, specs are:

athlon 3200 (socket 939)
1gb dual channel (4x256)
160gb hard drive
radeon xpress 200

i am planning on putting a pci-e video card in it soon, but im not sure what to pick. ive been looking @ tigerdirect and newegg's **** and found a few 512mb gddr3 cards for under $200. seems like pretty awesome deal. if anyone has any suggestions for about a $200 budget, that would be great. im not really sure what im lookin at in terms of specs when i compare them.
thanks, let me know what you find

on newegg i was looking at the open box ones, in the clearance setion i think
Here's some of the main things you want to look for in a videocard.
-Core clock speed
-Memory clock speed
-# of Pixel pipelins
-what kind of memory i.e.: GDDR2, GDDR3, DDR
-Memory interface i.e.: 256 bit,128 bit, 64 bit.
-Amount of memory i.e. 128mb, 256mb, 512mb

basically that's it.
Also the GPU, like the name of the card. For exapmle a 6600gt, ar a 7800gt.
get a 7600gt for that price lol. It woops the x800xl little hiney. If you cant go a little more the 7900gt is your best choice.
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