Help with computer parts.

I just tried to overlock then, and the game crashed, came up with a browny yellow screen, i had it close to max.
high performance gpu clock settings are 850 mhz, it can go up to 960 mhz
and high performance memory clock settings are 1200 mhz atm and it can go up to 1445 mhz
where should i put them?
never crank the sliders to the max.
Try 910 on the core clock and 1300 on the memory clock.

If you really want to upgrade something you should upgrade the CPU to something like a amd phenom 2.
Is this your motherboard: MSI-MS7641

If so you have a wide range of good performing CPU's you can choose form
How exactly can i find out?
when i go to system information it says this
System Manufacturer MSI
System Model MS-7641
System Type x64-based PC
so i suppose that is it?
i want to see what socket it has.
Download CPU-ID
In the CPU tap you will find "package". What does that say?
Would this computer be worth getting? i dont have massive ammount of money to use but also want an upgrade on the computer i have
" AMD FX-4130 4-Core Black Edition CPU, 3.80 GHz, 8MB
Cache, Socket AM3+, 32nm, up to 3.9GHz with Turbo Core
AMD 760G Chipset Motherboard
4gig ram
Integrated (Onboard) AMD ATIâ„¢ Radeon HD3000 graphics ( i would just use the graphics card i have untill i get a better one)
3.5" 1TB / 1000GB SATA III 7200rpm HDD
That should be socket 940 if it's Am3. Download and run Speccy, it's a good sys info program.

To show you where you're at, an Intel Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Celeron CPU will outperform your system and that's the bottom tier CPUs from Intel. I think you're better off building a new system.
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