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I always like Western Digital. I had to RMA many drives from them, but I always got swift and excellent service.

Last week, I had to RMA a 320GB WD3500AAKS. I had it for a few years, but it was still under warranty.

Today I get back a 500GB WD5000AAKS Caviar Blue

I had this type of thing happen before, but this is the first time it happened while in TF :D
I own nothing but Seagate drives.. even in the prebuilt computers.. I don't know how it ended up that way.. :tongue:
Same, Slaymate. Other than my OCZ 30GB SSD, all my current drives are Western Digital. I have some old Seagates that still work from ~2003
My very first computer way back in the day had Quantum Fireball 500MB drives in it. After that i had nothing but Maxtor drives. When Maxtor got bought out by Seagate i still had a 500gb sata2 drive running strong, as well as my 64gb SSD. This time last year is when that 500gb died probably due to heat. Sometime in November for ****s and giggles i called up Seagate to see if i could get it replaced. They sent me back an LP 1tb drive thats now sitting in my server being full. Only other hard drive purchase has been a Seagate 2tb drive. Ive recieved various WD drives over the years but never purchased one myself. I cant even remember how, but i managed to score a 160gb WD Black 2.5" drive. Thing has been rockin as my USB external backup drive for a long time now. Fastest USB 2.0 performance ive ever seen.
I have my earliest Western Digital drive still. It is dead, had a big ol scratch on the platter, but it was a Caviar 2540, 540.8MB, 3.5mm
My 1st hard drive had a whopping 120MB. I had 3 computers before that one and 2 of them had 5-1/4" floppy drives and one of them used a cassette tape.
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