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hello i jus bought a card for my comp its a emachine t2245 2.2celeron<i know> 256ddr runnn winXP so forth..blah<if more info is needed i can describe more>

card is a nvidia GeForce FX 5200pci < mobo doesnt have agp>

when i stick card in <leavin monitor plugged into onboard> the monitor turns on after the windows start ringtone and the desktop is a small box in middle of screen, nothin appears on the miniture desktop and anything<program,folders> i try to open appears on taskbar but not on desktop

when i try to plug monitor into card i can hear windows ringtone but monitor will keep flickin on and off an i never get a picture

bios switches to pci automatically i checked that, i tryed to disable onboard video through device manager , no go=(

the comp didnt come with any documentation on the motherboard other then it uses a 845gl chipset
im pretty sure its an imperial mobo since it says imperial on it,i cant find a model number.

all i can think of would be either a> i need to mess with jumpers but they are not labeled

or b> it just doesnt work with my setup

if anyone has suggestions please reply
If I were you I'd find out the model of your motherboard and see if you can update the bios to support the card. I had a similar problem with a Voodoo3 2000 pci on my old computer. In my case the video card I had overrided the integrated card but still didn't display an image. I had to take out the pci card, update the bios, and reinstall the pci card.
the problem is i dont know where to begin to look for a model number on board i see where it says its an imperial board it says mat NO: 137001 IMPERIAL _GL _VE 20021218 but searchin on google i get no hits for anything

*EDIT* no info in the bios either if this doesnt work out guess im stuck buyin a new mobo

BTW does it matter what PCI slot i have the card in?
Did you buy your pc or make it yourself? If you bought it you should be able to find out through the manufacturer's website. It shouldn't matter which pci slot you put it into but switch it around if you'd like. You should also check to make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card.
i bought the pc from bestbuy its an Emachine T2245 completely stock config, their website<> has nothing of use.

the mobo is an Imperial and its constructed by Trigem, neither of their websites have anything either

when i plug it in the card is in pci slot 2 of 3

slot 3 is a modem i guess i can take it out an try that slot

slot 1 is empty but the way the card is shaped i would have to bend a capacitor<or whatever they're called> out of the way:(

i download the newest drivers that nvidia has on their site i, i installed them then tryed to plug in card , didnt work

the drivers that came with the card will not let me install unless the card is plugged in,and as i described above i cannot do anything if the card is in the comp
You have to disable the onboard video in the CMOS. There should be a selection called "integrated peripherials" or something similar. If not, dig all the way through the CMOS, it has to be in there somewhere.
i finally got it working i visited the emachines website and found they have live tech support chatroom

he told me to go into safe mode b4 i delete old drivers<i guess that makes sense*smackhead* after much b*ll$hIt and messing with nvidia settings, cus my monitor was wiggling and jiggling, i finally got it working , thanks for the help =)
drivers for your board!

I bought from circuit city a Compaq Presario s4100nx, I updated some of my drivers through I couldn't find the other drivers until recently. I went to google and did a search for 'updated drivers for compaq presario s4100nx. The third and fourth sites listed are the Hewlett-Packard download sites for all the remaining drivers to upgrade the interface card reader and chipsets. it would be wise to just download everything. ok, hope it helps.
Also, I would upgrade the memory card from 256mb to two 512mb cards or better. Also don't forget to match up your speed probably 2100 like my original compaq. I haven't done it yet but the cards just went on sale for the 512s. My friend is running a 1.6Ghz pentium 4 and his computer is fast with two 512mb of ram.
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