Using an 8X agp card in a 4X slot

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Recently I purchased a HIS X1650Pro IceQ 512 MB video card. I wanted to put it into my old Dell Dimension 4550. I game on the low end of the spectrum so high end cards are not my goal. I did however want to buy something that would be atleast usable for a while when I change out my main system. ie the X1650 can move into my current system as a crossfire. Here's the thing... The motherboard (6U214) only has a 4X AGP slot but the card is a AGP 8X. BUT when I put the X1650 into the AGP slot and try to boot up the system all I get are beeps. No set number of them either. Just a never ending string of beeps. I have let it go to 29 before I lost my nerve and shut it down.

From what I have read 8X is supposedly backwards compatible with 4X. I am aware of the fact that the 8X runs at .8V and the 4X is at 1.5V and about the signaling voltage, although I will admit I am not quite clear exactly how it works.

So here are my question(s) . Is this card compatible with a 4X slot? Why or why not? Is there a way to lower the voltage to the AGP slot down to .8 to make it work(or another way), all be it at diminished ability, until I move it over to my current system when I upgrade? I would put it into my main system to check if maybe the new card is faulty but my main system it is rather difficult to access atm so I thought I'd try here first.

The system boots fine when my old card is replaced (a 9800SE) .

Here is the link to the card btw
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im not sure, have u tires looking in the bois to see if you can lower it in there, cant think of anyway other way
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