Upgrading Monitor and GPU


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I've been considering adding this so called "Hp 32s" to my setup.

I'll be pairing it up with a 21,5" monitor that'll be used only for shooters and everything else on that monitor.

Here's what I'll be doing on the 31,5" Hp32s: City Builder games and strategy games like those from "Total War" and "Paradox" ; Content Consumption such as watching movies, videos, reading, going to forums, facebook and twitter, etc; light video editing (short FPV drone flights) ; and having it as a second monitor for when I'm gaming so I can have say Discord on it.

I usually stay 60cm up to 1m way from my monitor(1.96ft to 3.3ft) 60 when I'm playing and the rest when I'm laying back watching videos or writing or maybe just scrolling down on twitter.

So here's the question: Is the monitor good for my case? If yes what makes it good if not what makes it bad and what would you recommend (note I want something not smaller than 27")

Now for the GPU part

my current GPU is a GTX 1060 3Gb and I was thinking in buying the newer RTX 2060 6GB. The price for the 2060 I want roams around 350€ to 370€ (the shop changes it all the time) Is now a good time to buy or should I wait?


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Since that monitor is a 1080p and has a 60Hz refresh rate (as far as I can tell) then you shouldn't have any problem gaming on it with your current card. I use a 32" 1080p monitor for gaming and have done so on my current card (1660), a RX580, and a GTX960. I also use a second monitor that serves for monitoring TeamSpeak and ProCon while gaming, as well as widgets for my CPU and GPU, and all my cards kept it up as well.