Types of RAM Modules

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Wht does the CL2.5 mean? Does C2 meant that the ram is of a better grade? Whats HyperX Ram?

How to know if the ram is of a good one?

For example,

512MB DDR266Mhz ECC reg DIMM CL2.5 and 512MB DDRMhz ECC reg DIMM C2. Which would you choose? The PRice are the same for both part.

ECC and ECC Reg.
Whats the diff between the two?

Does Single sided RAM and double sided differ in performance?

Im setting up a Server that is critical to the company network. I know i have to use ECC, but there are so many abbreivations for the type of RAm.. How should i choose?
wow...sounds like you've got a couple marketing buzz words thrown in there. hyperX ram? ^_^

.This should answer basic questions. I believe it also has some links at the end for more information. If it doesn't...just plug what you're looking for into a search engine. You should find some answers.
wht abt double and single side?
The Hyper X from Kingston seems to have some form of heat dissipation. Is it useful?
The heat spreader included on many RAM modules (including Kingston Hyper X) is useful for insuring the RAM runs consistantly at a low temperature, as well as improving the overclockability of the RAM. For any new purchases, it's probably worth getting a heat spreader just to ensure that your computer will run smoothly.

As far as double sided vs. single sided, as far as I know there is no difference, speed or otherwise.
70% huh??? Thats pretty damn good, now if only the bus speeds of everything on the board didnt bottleneck it.. ;)
Cheese, tks.The info is very encouraging. So, other than Kingston, what other manufacturers i can pay attention to? Kinda sian to see Kingston lying almost everywhere.
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