Questions and concerns about the new dell xps 15


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I am shopping for a new computer for college that can handle tasks both in the classroom and outside. I am looking for a computer that is on the smaller-medium size, has a touch screen, can handle productivity tasks (web browsing, watching videos, typing documents) and multitasking well. I also need it to be a bit of a powerhouse, capable of handling some moderate - heavy CAD, simulations, programming, light gaming, and light video editing. I would also like this to last me a long time, so I want it to be pretty future proof... That's a lot to ask. I know. All of this has drawn me to the new Dell XPS 15, particularly the one with the 2tb ssd, 64 gb ram, and the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9-10885H. Could anyone with this spec testify to how well it works?

Those specs seem to be what I'm going to need to meet all of the conditions described above, but I have a concern: can the XPS 15 handle the thermals? Is this just a machine meant for an i7, but they decided to slap an i9 in there? Will I get the most out of this hardware with the laptop's current design? I know I could jump to an XPS 17, which has better thermals (and will have an i9 version released soon, from what I hear), but the size and weight make it much less appealing for a device that will be on my back most of the day.

On a side note, this is a bit less important to me, but is it possible to use a stylus with this machine? I couldn't find anything on the dell website or really anywhere else? If you can, does anyone have a recommended stylus?
It would be very sensible to consult your college computer specialist on this matter.
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