Motherboard not displaying because crucial parts of it are not receiving power at all!


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HI! I have an old "MSI Z87m-Gaming" motherboard that is not displaying and I know a part of the solution lies within the fact that there is no power reaching the CPU socket, and the Debug LEDS. I suppose the latter are responsible for all the problems since I think are the first parts that should receive power in order to diagnose the motherboard for problems, I could be wrong though. I would like your help in this issue that's been bugging me for days now, i have tried changing the CPU,Rams, reseating the ram modules, flashing the Bios, clearing cmos,changing the cmos battery, plugging an external graphics card, changing the psu etc...the motherboard turns on but does not display, the CPU does not heat at all even after leaving it powered on for as long as I could which clearly means that it is not being powered, same with the led debug lights which I suspect to be the cause, i have tried powering them with an external battery using an external 3.5v battery and they turn on just fine! which means they are not broken they are just not receiving power or there might be a short before electricity reaches them. i was not able to find any useful diagram online to help me study the diagram of this motherboard unfortunately!

I am fully aware that this motherboard is obsolete and some might think it is not worth the time spent fixing it, but please know that it is important for me to fix it as this is what i do for a living. Any help would be much appreciated!
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