Trouble installin new GFX card in XP

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Have you uninstalled your old drivers?
If not you need to put your old card back in and bootup and uninstall the old drivers.Also if you have deleted the old driver try starting in safe mode and then installing the new drivers. I dont know if this will help.Pat S.
I agree there, try booting up in safe mode and install the drivers from the supplied CD/disk as a start, then update them afterwards.

I had this prob before when upgrading from a TNT2 to a GeForce2, and installing under safe mode only seemed to work for me. =\

Good luck.
Yea, try it in safe mode, that should work.
Hmm, boot into Safemode /w networking and run Windows Update, it should have a driver for you card there from windows, install that and any other available updates, then boot into normal. let me know if that works.
It doesnt sound like you tried what I suggested, go to safemode with networking and see if you can get to Windows Update, after uninstalling the drivers in safemode, there should be some drivers in windows update for the card. Install those and any other available updates. Then see if it works.
ouch, USB modem eh? that sux. Unfortunatley then, I am out of Ideas.

Me Again

Iwas reading from winXP tips and had some ideas on your problem.
The way you have it say the install went fine but it wont boot.Try to boot in safe mode and go to the driver diolog box and check that the driver is signed.

Have you tried to uninstall all your video card drivers and with the new card installed try to reboot without any drivers installed and let windows install the drivers it picks. Its best if you use signed drivers.
I will read up a little more on this to see if I can find any more ideas.
Good Luck Pat S.
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