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Hey all I have win 98se and the power went out today because of a storm..while my pc was on...when i turned it back on it went to invalid system disk please replace disk and strike any key..ther was no disk or cd in the I restarted it several times only to come to that i got my boot disk out and ran scan disk etc..all can up i went ot the help section and got the the point of sys c which i did and now my pc comes on and goes to the c prompt. what am I to do next?
well if you can get it to the C:\ prompt... all you have to do is type win. this will lauch windows.
ok thanks..I will try that!

but how to make it skip the c thing and load windows automatically?

you can write out a simple one at the prompt that is there when you boot.

copy con autoexec.bat

prompt $p$g



The copy con autoexec.bat starts the creation, and ^z finishes. The ^z is an end of file mark, get it by using cntrl-z or press f6 key.

But check to see if you have an autoexec.bak and config.bak, or .000 .001 etc

good luck!

I will look for those files...but now I have this problem on start up

Bad command or file name
Path not found - :\COMMAND.COM
File not found - extract.exe
File not found - readme.txt
Please insert Windows 98 Startup Disk 2....

win did not work any other suggestions?

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