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I have some very saddening news for all you amd fans. I am switching from amd to intel. I never thought i would see the day when this happened but it has. I just can't refuse a p4 2.4ghz 533 fsb for 100 bucks. It has also never been out of the box so it is an extremly good deal That is lower than the price i would have to pay for a athlon xp 2400+. Don't all you amd fans worry though. This is most likely a one time thing. The next processor that i buy will most likely be an amd unless i can still get an intel cheaper.
As long as you're not switching to Mac, it's no big deal :D

Sounds like a pretty good deal though.. like I said, I think my next computer will be an Intel too, but it's hard to say.. I won't make that decision until the summer.
I can get the ECS L4S5A motherboard for 25 bucks so the processor and motherboard will only cost me 125 bucks. Then i have to buy all the other hardware. That shouldn't do much damage either.
þÄ®âÐÖx said:
As long as you're not switching to Mac, it's no big deal :D
I would buy a mac just to play around with if they weren't do gosh darn expensive.
Well, I have to say I am an AMD fan. I need to get a new computer soon. Maybe summer, like þÄ®âÐÖx. Well, whenever I get my new comp I am going to get the fastest AMD chip there is.
I think it's good to see 'both experiences.'

That gives me idea for birthday present. :p
I would probably just get myself a G4 to mess around with, and see its experience, but I'm not much of an Apple person, depsite the fact that many of the local RTCW players here use Mac's. :\
Macs are great machines, they are just cought in an endless problem:

Software makers are reluctant to write programs for Mac, because they dont have enough market share.

however, Mac cant get market share because they dont have enough software out. The most important being games.
yeah i agree. That is why i wouldn't pay 1000 bucks for a computer that doesn't have a lot of software that will run on it.
I don't like the name, but if it ever goes through the iBox sounds like a good idea. If there was ever a low cost Mac available I'd definately be interested, just to get a feel for what they're really like in a home environment.
I would like a nice 17" PowerBook to check out what Macs are like. But you have to buy it for me. Hehe.
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