Story Time!

Looks good, i could not be bothered to write a long story!!!

(ill try to read it it i have time!!)
cheers Lord K! shall do... im feeling inspired now!!!
Winamp is playing up on me and flicking to random songs and just as i was reading that this great orchestral part came bursting up and was really inspiring!!!! it couldnt have been timed any better if i had done it on purpose!!!!!!
Haha, yeah. Oltre La Tempesta is good, King Arthur Themes, Lord of the Rings Themes, Troy Themes, Gladiator Themes.

All can't be not listenned to when writing.
This is true, when ever i'm writing a letter or something i have to be able to concentrate. that is about the only thing i don't do to music...
hehehe, i put music on to just about anything. cept when it was like homework (but now im finished school its all good NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!) so yeah music does change moods n stuff too. We tested the theory in art, we had to draw pictures using ink and brushes while listening to different types of music. One was really nice and calming and all that and the other was a heavy song by silverchair off the neon ballroom album. anyway, first song i draw a guy lazing about on a couch.. thats all cool n no one really cares. Then for the next song i draw a guy with a gun pointed at another guys head who is cowering away. it was that particular picture which started my reputation as the school psycho... which i didnt dispute at all and rather went along with!
Haha; music doesn't change my mood really - just gives me umph to continue writing.

If I were to do that - you'd get one picture because I wouldn't want to waste the first just because the music is changing :D and it would be of Greathanc - because that's all I can draw.
lol, im great at drawing evil creatures, its pretty much all i did at school.
i went to the club with friends tonight and i started drawing pictures of a guy in a horned helm with a big axe and armour on the back of a no smoking sign on the table! wasnt a tremendously great night but fun all the same seeing friends again since school finished!

You'll have to make a post of this picture that you draw too Lord K! maybe ill post a pic of some of mine, if i can figure out how, maybe some1 could explain it to a dummy here !?!?
yeah but the image has to be refrenced to come from somewhere doesnt it? like an attatched file? i cant just put an image like {IMG}smiley.jpg{/IMG} in can i? its gotta come from somewhere... lol, much easier when i can just add it to the post at the same time somehow!

oh well. its all good :p
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