Story Time!

Yeah - you have to put a URL in the IMG Tags. Like {IMG}{/IMG} if you have an ASPX Image Generator Service :D
image generator service??? ill just make a free geocities site and host what ever i want on there... that still works the same doesnt it?
Lol, i agree, the longest attempt i have ever done is about 500 words!!! i then can think of what to say!!!
Haha. I once though 500 Words was harsh.

I did once do 11 Pages for a Story (not The Orb of Light - Mr. Cheese the Legend :p) when I was about 7. 11 Pages however, in size 12. Wordpad didn't have a Word Counter though - so I don't know how long it was.

Needless to say the plot was vague. A Boy goes to school. He has a cheese sandwitch. He drops it on the floor and gets on the bus. A Dog sits on and farts on it. It gets stuck on a car wheel. The car crashes into a Nuclear Power Plant. The man and the Cheese are morphed into Mr. Cheese. He finds Galactic Bombastic and they fight his brother - Elastic Bombastic over the 52 Dimensions of Existance.
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